The Second Scriptures: The Scriptures about Jesus and the Early Church


Step into the rich world of the New Testament to discover again the “the depth of the riches of wisdom and knowledge of God!” Experience a bold reawakening of your faith as you hear Jesus’ teachings and read Paul’s writings with a fresh perspective on their first-century contexts.

Each of the 13 chapters will challenge and encourage you with new insights and reminders of important truths. Reread the book of Acts as part of a two-act play. Explore Jesus’ identity as a Jew, Teacher and the One. Meet Paul the Servant, Apostle, and Pharisee. Learn the art of first-century letter writing and the ways that impacts our reading of New Testament letters. Embrace your identity as part of the Priesthood of all Believers. Discover the ways Revelation offers apocalyptic notes of hope.

Learn and then dig deeper with discussion questions in each chapter which expand the conversation and apply it to your own faith journey. Learn 13 practical text tools for reading the Bible like “Notice the Unnoticed” and “Identify your Identity.”

Come on a journey of discovery and faith awakening in The Second Scriptures! Written as a companion to The Scriptures of Jesus and the Early Church, this new book will continue the joy-filled exploration of God’s Word and invite you to relish in his love for you!




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