Affordable, Flexible, Formative, Unique Curriculum for Kids Church.

The Fruit of the Spirit and the Lord’s Prayer, Bible lessons and object lessons, Prayer Stations and Home Connection, are the ways kids engage leading to spiritual formation and Christ likeness.


In-Person or Online

  • Each lesson is provided in two formats: one designed for in-person teaching and the other designed for online teaching.
  • Social Media graphics and suggested post content are provided.

What is ROOTS: Fruit of the Spirit?

  • A Curriculum where children Experience God.
  • Children learn to live the Fruit of the Spirit.
  • Prayer Stations guide children to give voice to their own prayers and discover that God answers prayer.
  • Lectio Divina teaches kids to listen for the voice of God through meditating on the Word of God, discovering that God desires to talk with them personally.
  • The “Hook” and Object Lessons provide creative ways for children to see how God works – opening their minds and hearts to watch for God at work every day.
  • Home Connection gives families simple tools to discuss their faith together, pray together, and deepen their love for God together.
  • Bibles and Journals are a part of ROOTS so that children deepen their love for what God has said and what He is saying today.

Spiritually Formative

  • Teaching ROOTS is about the joy of seeing kids awakened and enlivened to love God and love others as themselves.
  • Teaching ROOTS is about helping families pray the Word of God with their children and over their children – enriching families in the faith.
  • Teaching ROOTS is about making disciples of Jesus beginning at a very young age.
  • Teaching ROOTS is not guided by a calendar or the need to complete a lesson in a given time frame.
  • Teaching ROOTS is about following the lead of the Holy Spirit with your children and leaving margins for God to work in your gatherings.
  • Teaching ROOTS comes with the freedom to pause or prolong content as needed for the spiritual growth of the children.

An Abundance of Content

  • Every ROOTS lesson contains enough content for up to three gatherings.
  • Suggested schedules give teachers guidance for lesson planning.
  • Lessons contain[i]:
    • The Hook – a captivating way to prepare children for the lesson.
    • The Memory Verse – a passage of Scripture directly connected to a set of lessons.
    • The Sermon – An engaging Scripture lesson.
    • Prayer Basis/Prayer Stations – ROOTS: Fruit of the Spirit focuses on the Lord’s Prayer, teaching the children about the prayer, then engaging them in prayer stations based upon our Lord’s words.
    • Object Lesson(s) – Creative ways to help children develop meaningful and lasting associations with the Bible story.
    • Graphic, Video, and Printable Resources[ii] to accompany and enhance the children’s experience.
    • Bible Verse Games[iii]A suggested list of creative ways to mix up and use to help kids “hide the Word in their hearts.”

[i] Not every lesson contains every component. This is purposefully designed to create rhythms of learning and application.

[ii] Varies by lesson.

[iii] A complete list of Bible Verse games is included with the Teacher Resource Guide

kids are the church today

Have you heard it said that our kids are the church of tomorrow? Not true. God calls kids. He speaks to them. He hears and answers their child-like, faithful prayers. He knew them before they were born.

ROOTS is designed to fuel the fires of a deep, holy, authentic experience with God in the hearts of children. Children who pray – children who know God’s voice – children who love His Word.

Try "God-One and Three" a Sample Lesson

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ROOTS: Fruit of the Spirit

ROOTS is kids church curriculum that is based on the spiritual formation of children. They learn to know God, not just know about him. For teachers it’s powerful yet accessible, rich with content. Unlike other curricula where lessons are designed only for one week each, ROOTS can be flexible, allowing teachers to stay with one topic as needed or move to another. It’s unlike any other and helps children grow strong and deep ROOTS in Jesus!


  • Kids grow to know God, not just know about Him.
  • Kids pray using interactive prayer stations based on the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Lessons are centered on the Fruit of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.
  • Includes videos, suggested songs for worship, object lessons, and creative content.
  • Teachers will benefit from easy prep, an informative Teacher’s Resource Guide, and all the graphics you need to teach every lesson.
  • Fully digital – download and use!
  • Ready to use for in-person teaching or online teaching. Two formats of the same material are included for each lesson.
  • Promote your ministry on social media! Graphics and suggested post text are included!
  • Home Connection PDFs help disciple families. Email them or post to your social media group.
  • Suggested formats for lesson plans.
  • 37 lessons include two for Christmas, two for Easter, and one FM History lesson.

Preview ROOTS resources, including a Teacher Resource Guide and Sample Lesson.

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ROOTS – Knowing God – Curriculum for Children’s Ministry

ROOTS is a children’s curriculum for grades 1 through 5, with possibilities for K through 6.

  • The full curriculum covers 40 weeks with 2 weeks each for Christmas and Easter
  • Each lesson is content-rich and can accommodate multiple weekly sessions.
  • Flexible usage options.
  • Leads beyond teaching topics to show kids how to deepen their own relationship and experience with God.
  • Rooted in Free Methodist, Wesleyan theology.

Small Budget? Please call 317-244-3660, and we’ll work with you.

Preview ROOTS resources, including a Teacher Resource Guide and Sample Lesson.

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