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God's Call to Be Like Jesus

In God’s Call to Be Like Jesus, Bishop Emeritus David Kendall shows the critical connections between holiness and God’s holy love embodied in Jesus and expressed through His followers. 

Love Does No Harm

For people looking to find their way back to hope from being trapped in domestic violence. This book discusses a beautiful new future filled with hope!

The Disciple Makerspace

A relational rhythm for planting churches without compromising the beauty, simplicity, and power of the Biblical church.

Classic Catechism

Revised second edition. Whether at home with family, at church in children’s ministry or in small group with new believers, the Classic Catechism offers a traditional approach to impress on the followers of Jesus the basic tenets of the Christian faith



Browse and explore exclusive titles by Free Methodist authors. We have in-depth Bible studies and brand-new children’s ministry curriculum. You’ll find several encouraging spiritual memoirs. Also take a deep dive into Wesleyan Holiness theology and find helpful resources for pastors and leaders. Explore and enjoy! Be sure to leave a review for books you’ve read! 

Feature Articles on new releases

Loving the LGBTQ+ Community From Where We Stand

How can churches reach and serve people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer without compromising the truth of Scripture? Feature Article by Jeff Finley

Rooting Kids in the Holy Spirit

The ROOTS children’s curriculum is back with a new emphasis: the fruit of the Spirit. Feature Article by Jeff Finley

Let the Band Play: Multiplying Disciples and Churches

The sign of a true disciple is to help someone else become a disciple. By Larry Walkemeyer

Learn, Seek, Defend, Take Up, Plead

Love is the compelling force for justice work. By Kevin Austin

Discovering the Love Required of Us

Free Methodist author Liz Cornell’s “The Love Required of Us” helps churches and people with racial understanding and reconciliation. By Jeff Finley

Trading Legalism for God’s Holy Love

The legalistic approach to religion hindered my understanding of God’s deep love. By Kathy Gaulton

Introducing The Free Methodist Way

It is our hope that The Free Methodist Way will become an important tool in our work of discipleship and leadership development. By Bishop Keith Cowart