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My Journey from Global Merchandising to Global Ministry

By Kathy Gaulton

“My story,” says author Kathy Gaulton, “is one of trials and experiences throughout my Christian walk, yet the lessons I’ve learned helped form me and led me to begin a sustainable livelihood ministry called Heavenly Treasures. “As we arrived in Igoma, Tanzania in 1996, it was apparent that the people were in extreme need — poverty at its deepest level. Everything seemed to suffer including the land. A brothel was the only place available for our team to stay, but, during that life-changing trip, God repurposed my life. I could not have imagined while I worked in the marketplace for 35 years, that God would use all my experiences, but in a way that would help impoverished people provide for their families. “Join me on my spiritual journey from global merchandising to global ministry.”

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