Kidnapped Redemption


As a sequel to The Kidnapping of an American Missionary, Phyllis Sortor tells the story of how God has redeemed what kidnappers meant to harm and destroy. As she searches for her kidnappers to offer forgiveness and to help them, she also tells the story of a new ministry in Nigeria. This is a powerful story of boldness that has opened the way for a flourishing ministry called “Schools for Africa.”

Through rotational grazing for the cattle of Fulani Herdsmen and schools for their children, the Fulani are emerging from the stereotypes that have kept them oppressed in Nigeria for generations.

This is a must-read and will encourage you to be bold for the Lord in your own life.


Phyllis Sortor

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  1. Carol D Barrett (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed the book. I’ve been there several times and knew so many of the places mentioned.
    It is so amazing to see the work God does through the hands of Phyllis. I’m privileged to be her friend and see what He does through her.

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