The Kidnapping of an American Missionary


On Monday, February 23 2015, Phyllis Sortor’s life was irrevocably changed when she was kidnapped by Nigerian gangsters while working at a Christian school. Over the next two weeks, she was repeatedly beaten, traumatized, and abused as she held out hope for rescue.

Read Phyllis’ firsthand account of her harrowing adventure. Her trust in her Savior and her fierce resolve will embolden your faith and enliven your spirit. This remarkable true story of God’s beloved daughter will challenge you, inspire you, and transform your Christian experience like no other.

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“Courageous with an incredibly strong and brave spirit, all in submission and obedience to God’s will.  This is a remarkable story from a remarkable woman.”

– Bob Klamser | Executive Director, Crisis Consulting International

“That Reverend Sortor, under such horrifying circumstances, retained the presence of mind to document her experiences by writing a book on her kidnapping story is a mark of the kind of person she is. I have no hesitation in recommending the book to everyone.”

– Capt Idris I. Wada | Former Governor of Kogi State ( 2012 to 2016 )

“The story reads like a thriller waiting to be made into a movie, and like something out of the Book of Acts. It’s a story of Jesus’ followers sharing God’s love with new friends only to encounter dangers, threats, opposition, abuse, incarceration, uncertainty and suffering. But then, prayers are answered.”

– David Kendall – Bishop, FMC – USA






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