One-Way Ticket: Leaving Home for Good


On August 13, 1996, Jerry Coleman and his family left the suburbs on a One-Way Ticket to Budapest, Hungary in Europe. As a family, they learned the Hungarian language, connected with people in their community and tried to resist the desire to pack it up and go back to a more comfortable life (read Let’s Go Sell Insurance). One-Way Ticket helps address the questions: “What would it be like to live in another country?” “What would it be like to take my family on a One-Way Ticket?” “What would it be like to send a loved one far away from home?” “What would it be like to leave home for good?”

Since 2002, Jerry serves as the Area Director for the Free Methodist Church in Europe. His wife, Jan, works in the local ministries of Budapest. Their children are now grown and scattered around the world.


Paperback (96 pages)


Long Run Publications (January 1, 2011)



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