You Are the Church: Covenant Membership in the Free Methodist Church (5-Pack)


There is no Church without YOU! Every person who attends and participates in the community of a local Free Methodist Church is invited to consider church membership. Membership in the church is unique from how we might consider membership in other organizations. It is more than a formality – to be a member of the body of Christ is a covenant relationship.

This 40-page participant resource designed for church membership classes, includes:

  • The “why” of church membership.
  • The 5 questions asked of church members.
  • Overview of Free Methodist history & leadership
  • Free Methodist Articles of Religion
  • Free Methodist Membership Covenant
  • Overview of the Sacraments
  • The Free Methodist Way
  • Overview of select FMCUSA ministries

The booklet may be purchased individually, as a 5-pack, or as a 10-pack.

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  1. Willy Nkurunziza


  2. Willy Nkurunziza

    This will help us teach membership classes

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