Embrace All


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The best stories only get better over time and nothing captures our hearts like the story of Jesus’ birth. Every year it is new. Every year the story comes alive in some way it never has before. We notice different details; we feel different emotions.

Each year gives us a different set of eyes through which we see Jesus. Every new person we meet colors the lens through which we imagine the Christmas story. Every re-reading makes the Christmas more wonder-full. Jesus is born again year after year, and with each nativity we make new connections. Christ moves into our neighborhood with its darkness and light, with its struggles and victory. And each time he leads us to enter the lives of people in our world in a new way.

This book is about the intersection of Jesus’ coming and our being in the world; it’s about the way Jesus showed up to the ragtag assortment of people included in Matthew and Luke; it’s about the way Jesus became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood. This book is about the many ways his incarceration can shape us and change us and- in the process- maybe even change our world.

Because when Jesus is born in us, he invites us to embrace all his people.


182 Pages


Light and Life Publishing




December 2015




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