Discipleship Ecosystem Bundle

In his previous Discipleship Ecosystem, Dr. Wayman took his systems training and applied it to a healthy discipleship ministry. In Toxic Discipleship, he has again taken the lessons of systems and exposes the dynamics of a toxic discipleship ministry. 

Loving From Where We Stand

A Call to Biblically Faithful Ministry with the LGBTQ+ Community

“Bruce Cromwell offers a vision of the Church’s response to those who experience same-sex attraction that is truly biblical, is richly theologically informed, and holds the promise of being pastorally and missionally effective.” Rev. Dr. David Bauer

The Missional Pastor

Leading a Christ-Compelled Movement

Joe Culumber draws on his vast experiences in pastoring, church planting, and academia to guide pastors through revisiting Scripture as a missional document.



Browse and explore exclusive titles by Free Methodist authors. We have in-depth Bible studies and brand-new children’s ministry curriculum. You’ll find several encouraging spiritual memoirs. Also take a deep dive into Wesleyan Holiness theology and find helpful resources for pastors and leaders. Explore and enjoy! Be sure to leave a review for books you’ve read! 

Feature Articles on new releases

Bishop Joab Lohara’s Parousia Prognosis

Free Methodist World Conference President Joab Lohara shares his perspective on Christ coming again. Feature Article by Jeff Finley

Loving the LGBTQ+ Community From Where We Stand

How can churches reach and serve people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer without compromising the truth of Scripture? Feature Article by Jeff Finley

Rooting Kids in the Holy Spirit

The ROOTS children’s curriculum is back with a new emphasis: the fruit of the Spirit. Feature Article by Jeff Finley

Learn, Seek, Defend, Take Up, Plead

Love is the compelling force for justice work. By Kevin Austin