The Posterity Gospel


Jesus said that it is more important to store up “treasures in heaven” than “treasures on earth.” Yet, the benefits of an affluent society have added so much to our earthly treasures that financial wealth management based on Biblical stewardship is a new responsibility for us as Christians. Baby Boomers who are coming to retirement and Senior Citizens who are finalizing their estates have a responsibility to assure that their treasures on earth, whether meager or plenty, continue to be used to the glory of God. In this same movement of the generations, Christians are also bringing the increasing wealth of “treasures in heaven” accumulated by spiritual devotion, discipline, and decision with them into retirement and senior status.

The Posterity Gospel is a call for Christians to give as much attention to Biblical stewardship in the management of our spiritual wealth as we are giving to our financial wealth. Just as we plan for retirement and the transfer of financial wealth to future generations, we must do the same with our spiritual wealth. In this book, David McKenna shows how the management of spiritual wealth joins the management of financial wealth as the stewardship test our generation. It begins with principles of Biblical stewardship for managing spiritual wealth and then applies those principles to a lifetime of learning and growth experiences. The result is a portfolio of spiritual assets that are a vital part of the legacy that we want to pass on to our family, friends and future generations.


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“With Laser like precision, McKenna drills deep into the critical issue faced by millions of Boomers. “What is the spiritual wealth I will leave?”   Most have not given serious thought to this issue. McKenna guides the reader with his real life engaging style. A MUST read!”
– Don Argue





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