The Invitation (Audio CD)


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Is God real? If so, how does God affect my life? The answers to those questions are on this CD. And we at the Free Methodist Church-USA are delighted to partner with the Maranatha Music and Pastor Lee Strobel in sharing the good news. Would you like to know more, or to find a place where people are experiencing – and sharing – God’s Love? Then we invite you to go to to find a church near you; or call us at 800.342.5531 and ask to talk with someone about the Invitation CD.


Track List

  1. Is God Real
  2. My Journey
  3. The Search For Evidence-Science
  4. The Search For Evidence-Physics
  5. What About Jesus?
  6. The Results And Equations
  7. The Response
  8. The Prayer
  9. The Next Step
  10. He Knows My Name
  11. Power Of The Cross


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