Revelation: Leaving Speculation Behind


Revelation is too important of a biblical prophecy to ignore. It was never intended to be feared or seen as impossible to understand due to speculative images or hidden numeric codes. In this chapter by chapter examination of the Bible’s last book, Tim Dwyer navigates this often confusing prophecy by discussing its contents and applying it to our lives today. With Francis Asbury as a guide, Dwyer brings this book to the street level, where he shows us that Revelation is a book about transformation, not speculation. In the pages of this guide all believers will find power to stand firm in their faith and be faithful to Christ to the end. Are you ready to leave speculation behind?

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Author: Dr. Tim Dwyer

Tim Dwyer is Professor of Bible and Ministry, and Ministry Department Chair at Warner University in Lake Wales, Florida. He has been teaching for over thirty years, and involved in ministry for over forty years. His Ph.D. was earned in New Testament Exegesis at Aberdeen University in Scotland under the renowned I. Howard Marshall. Tim and his wife Paula have been married over thirty-five years, and have two sons and two grandchildren. Tim also enjoys a wide ministry of traveling, teaching, and preaching.


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