Prayers for the Seasons


Pray the story of Jesus, allowing yourself to enter the story, and allowing the story to enter you.

David Kendall, Bishop Emeritus of the Free Methodist Church, shares a wealth of prayers from over five years of writing. This is the kind of literary treasure you will find yourself drawn to over and over again as you visit and revisit these inspiring prayers.

Prayers for the Seasons follows the story of Jesus through Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and the (Extra)Ordinary Time of the church year. Bishop Kendall says:

“I am a participant in an ancient story with everyday relevance that has eternal consequence! The seasons of the year enrich this pattern [of prayer] by focusing my attention and prayerful responses on how the story of the Bible and my own life lead to and reach their goals in the life of Jesus and His followers, both the first disciples and then all the rest of us who are following in their footsteps.




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