Loving From Where We Stand: A Call to Biblically Faithful Ministry with the LGBTQ+ Community


Rev. Bruce N.G. Cromwell, a member of the FMCUSA’s Study Commission On Doctrine (SCOD), and Superintendent of the Great Plains and MidAmerica Conferences, tackles one of the most pressing issues of the day in this practical guide for Free Methodists. Laying a foundation for our “stand” Bruce reminds us that love must radiate from that place. Every Free Methodist should read this book on sexuality and the church’s response.

Rev. Dr. David Bauer says this about Loving From Where We Stand…

“Bruce Cromwell offers a vision of the Church’s response to those who experience same-sex attraction that is truly biblical, is richly theologically informed, and holds the promise of being pastorally and missionally effective.  He compellingly insists that we must avoid the false alternative of either loving the homosexual or maintaining the biblical perspective on human sexuality in favor of a “third way,” which expresses love by a welcoming inclusion with accountability.  This is one of the healthiest and most holistically biblical treatments of this issue that I have encountered.”

This is a softcover version of the book.

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