Just Ask: Volume 1


Most Christians struggle to pray. We don’t see answers that reinforce the value of praying. What’s the point of praying if not much changes when we do, especially in the really important times?

Why don’t we see answers? Often it’s because our prayers lack confidence. “I don’t want to ask for something I shouldn’t.” Unfortunately hesitant prayers are usually unanswered prayers, because God asks us to come “boldly before the throne of grace.”

We need someone to help us know in advance what kind of prayers God can’t wait to answer, so that we’ll step out and just ask. After all, how can God do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine unless we ask and imagine?

The kind of confidence we need comes from understanding what God accomplished through the saving work of Jesus Christ. Salvation is greater than most of us recognize, reflecting a divine heart with greater love and plans for us than we can imagine. In order to see the greatness of salvation we need to look through more than one lens — or paradigm. That’s what this book offers. Greater confidence in prayer through a richer view of salvation.

Just Ask: Volume One exposes the reader to the concept of salvation paradigms and introduces five paradigms that cluster together under the banner of “reconciliation.” Each chapter concludes with helpful summaries and numerous examples to reinforce the discoveries and practice more confident prayers.

The author draws on his rich experience in pastoral ministry, spiritual counseling, journalism, public speaking and co-founding a successful nationwide prayer ministry. Each chapter is full of fresh biblical insights, inspiring stories and sound theology presented in a very accessible style.

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