Jericho: Your Journey to Deliverance and Freedom


Jericho: Your Journey to Deliverance and Freedom is a path to true and lasting freedom from mental, emotional and spiritual bondage. Jesus wants you to be free indeed!

  • Do you experience torment from memories of the past?
  • Has past abuse left you feeling powerless, helpless and hopeless?
  • Have you ever thought, “Where are you God?”
  • Do you have feelings of shame, regret, worry, fear, or anxiety due to the constant inner voices that speak to you?
  • Are you losing hope, or maybe feeling as if you will never be free?

If you have said yes to any of these questions, then this path to freedom was prepared just for you.

The author, Brett D. Heintzman, struggled in the very same way until God brought revelation to him through the biblical story of the people of Israel and their Journey from slavery to freedom. This powerful revelation is now shared with you, believing that all who apply these powerful principles to their lives will find true and lasting freedom.

  • The slavery identity and mindset must be changed.
  • The deconstruction of the effects of old experiences and voices must happen through spiritual transformation.
  • The steps of the path all have great purpose.
  • Freedom is possible.
  • Healing is God’s plan.
  • Deliverance is Who God is, not just what God does.

Whether used for personal study, in a small group, or for an entire church, JERICHO will help you walk out your journey to deliverance and freedom.

Accompanying teaching videos free on the FMCUSA YouTube Channel – QR codes in the book provide easy access!


120 Pages


Light and Life Publishing



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