Healthy Biblical Communities: A Resource to Free Methodist Churches


Wholeness, holiness and health are intrinsically related.  These terms are used interchangeably in multiple ways, and place a call upon us to heal our brokenness as individuals, congregations, leaders and boards.  This call to wholeness, holiness and healing is the purpose of this resource.

This resource focuses on four areas of cultivating health in our shared lives: Health in the Individual, Congregation, Leader and Board. These four categories were chosen because wholeness, holiness and health are needed in every aspect of our communities.  A congregation cannot be healthy if the individuals within it are unhealthy and show their brokenness by hurting one another through dysfunctional or sinful interactions.  In the same way, an individual cannot be healthy if the congregation functions in an unhealthy, unjust or hurtful manner.  It is also true that leaders create the environment for the community both by example and instruction, such that individual leaders and boards must be called to the highest standards of wholeness, holiness and health or the entire ministry will be unhealthy and unholy.


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April 2016



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