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I love Jesus. I love the local church because Jesus loves the local church. There are certainly lots of books about the local church and how the changing culture is impacting her. Why am I writing a book about the local church? The short answer is I am deeply burdened for her. The health of many local churches is sick. God is sovereign and we know that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church (capital C). We get the high honor of partnering with God to help the local church advance the Kingdom of God on earth. This is messy work. The local church is both broken and beautiful. She is broken because she is filled with messy people in the pew and preachers in the pulpit. The local church is beautiful because she is the Bride of Christ. Christ chose her and Christ alone makes her beautiful because of his relationship with her. He chose you and I to take part in the greatest organic and spiritual movement the world has ever experienced. God wants everyone to be part of his love story.


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From Broken to Beautiful: What Repairing Streams Has Taught Me About Healing the Church

From Broken to Beautiful is a personal and holistic ministry summary.  Dr. Jeff Baxter accomplishes what some books on the church fail to achieve- objective self-analysis that leads the reader to some conclusions that are transferrable for any ministry.  Jeff’s humble and astute observations on the church and leadership are worth reading by pastors and lay alike.  His vulnerable approach makes it approachable for all who love the church and desire to serve in it.

Matthew Thomas

Bishop, Free Methodist Church

From Broken to Beautiful has an important message for pastors, church Boards and anyone who cares about the church. How can we live out the spiritually vibrant, relationally beautiful church Christ envisions while facing our innate brokenness as humans? Dr. Jeff Baxter offers sound biblical counsel rooted deeply in his pastoral experience in large and small churches. I encourage everyone in your church to read and discuss this book as a step toward becoming healthier as a church. I resonate with Jeff’s passion for Christ’s bride, the church, to be a beautiful manifestation of God’s great love for humanity. You and your church can be blessed as you engage this vital issue.

Pastor Dennis Jeffery

Superintendent, River Conference, Free Methodist Church

From Broken to Beautiful is the perfect title for this book. Dr. Jeff Baxter’s love for Christ, His Bride the Church, and God’s people gives him a prophetic voice challenging the corporate church–those who use the church to accumulate assets, for power and control, and for selfish ambition. Then Baxter offers a life-giving path for the beautiful Bride of Christ, the true church, to fulfill God’s vision. I recommend this excellent work.

Pastor Ted Haggard

St. James Church

The church in Galatia turned to a false gospel. The church in Ephesus abandoned its first love. The church in Corinth was known for its jealousy and quarreling. The church never has been and never will be perfect. Nonetheless, the church is God’s means of grace to an all-too-often graceless world. Dr. Jeff Baxter has experienced the church in its grace and as a disgrace. He has lived with its pains and pleasures. While he has found the institution of the church to be battered and broken, he takes solace in the church as the beautiful bride of Christ. In From Broken to Beautiful, Baxter pulls back the bride’s veil, exposing the warts and blemishes that we all know she has, not to shame her, but to help us love her for who she is, not what we imagine her to be only in our dreams.

Dr. Kyle Greenwood

Old Testament Faculty, Colorado Christian University

From Broken to Beautiful is a book that is badly needed. The church gets a bad rap today; often it is justified. But Dr. Baxter has written something that needs to be taken to heart for anyone who has seen the church at its worst, especially those who have been “burned” by the church, the Bride of Christ. There is no one better qualified to write this book, since he if anyone has every reason to give up on the church. But Dr. Baxter charts a way through the brokenness of the church to restore your confidence in what God is doing in this world through his people, the Bride of Christ. This is a must read for anyone who needs to have their faith in the church restored and renewed.

Dr. David Mathewson,

New Testament Faculty, Denver Seminary






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