The Parousia Prognosis


A compelling examination of the Lord’s return through the words of Jesus in the gospels.

Parousia – puh-rew-‘see-uh – An official visit, presence, return. 

“For those who are interested in an honest, thoughtful, and balanced consideration of the relevant biblical texts concerning the glorious appearing of our Lord, Dr. Joab Lohara offers a most worthy contribution. Here is a tried and tested servant leader, no mere academic scholar. Bishop Lohara [Presiding Bishop of the FMC World Conference] once again proves himself to be a careful and critical thinker, competent to engage both the heart and the mind as he interacts with the writings of some of the most prominent and influential theologians in the history of the church. I am helped by this teaching, as my heart cries out more than ever: Come Lord Jesus!” (Rev. Douglas Corlew)


Dr. Joab Lohara

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