Just Ask: Volume 3


HOW BOLD MIGHT YOU PRAY IF YOU KNEW GOD’S PLANS? Did you know God is in the middle of doing some amazing things that were never possible before Jesus died on the cross?

This third and final volume of JUST ASK continues in the series’ mission to build your confidence in prayer. Most Christians would pray more boldly if only they were more sure about what God would want to grant. Nothing clarifies God’s will more than seeing what He wanted to accomplish through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Unfortunately most Christians see only a narrow view of salvation. So the JUST ASK series broadens your view by looking at salvation through numerous “paradigms.”

In the two previous volumes the author explored five paradigms having to do with “reconciliation” (Volume One ) and six more paradigms under the banner of “redemption” (Volume Two). Each of those books took the readers to the foot of the cross to look backward to see what God was wanting to correct.

In this volume on “revelation” paradigms the author takes you to the foot of the cross and points you forward to see what God is wanting to create through salvation. What new never-before-imagined possibilities now exist because of the cross of Jesus Christ?

The author draws on his rich experience in pastoral ministry, spiritual counseling, journalism, public speaking and forming a nationwide prayer ministry. Each chapter is full of fresh biblical insights, inspiring stories and sound theology presented in a very accessible style. Each chapter concludes with helpful summaries and numerous examples to reinforce the discoveries and practice more confident prayers.

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