Just Ask: Volume 2


ARE YOU DISAPPOINTED OVER UNANSWERED PRAYERS? Frustrated because you often get the exact opposite of what you prayed for? Do you wonder what’s the point in praying?

If you’re like many Christians, this is a quiet struggle you face. Then to make matters worse we can settle into safe prayers—general prayers, prayers that are hard to evaluate for effectiveness, prayers that won’t make us question God if they aren’t answered. Safe prayers taste like chalk to our spirits, but we pray them because we don’t know what else to do. We don’t want to give up praying, but we don’t know how to “go for it” in prayer either. How in the world are we supposed to come “boldly before the throne of grace”?

The kind of confidence we need comes from understanding what God accomplished through the saving work of Jesus Christ. Looking at salvation through many lenses— or paradigms—helps us see that God has greater love and plans for us than we can imagine. That’s what this series offers. Greater confidence in prayer through a richer view of salvation.

JUST ASK: VOLUME ONE exposed the reader to the concept of salvation paradigms and introduced five paradigms that cluster together under the banner of “reconciliation.”

JUST ASK: VOLUME TWO takes us even deeper into God’s great salvation through describing six more paradigms under the banner of “redemption.” Each chapter concludes with helpful summaries and numerous examples to reinforce the discoveries and practice more confident prayers.

The author draws on his rich experience in pastoral ministry, spiritual counseling, journalism, public speaking and forming a nationwide prayer ministry. Each chapter is full of fresh biblical insights, inspiring stories and sound theology presented in a very accessible style.

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