God’s Great Salvation


This book is a introductory theological text on salvation and sanctification written in simple English for easier translating in other languages.

In this volume Dr. Wesley Duewel, veteran missionary to India and mission statesman at large, gives us a clear and articulate introduction to the basic elements of Christian theology: God, sin, and salvation. It is an excellent presentation of the basic order of salvation.

It is obvious that the author is treading familiar territory as he leads the reader through these pages. Otherwise, it would be difficult to account for the clarity, the presentation, and the fullness of the references to supporting biblical passages, or the sure yet tender tone as he invites his reader along.

The author knows his subject, his Scriptures, the human heart, and the ways of the Spirit. One can only pray for a wide usage for this basic work. Foreword by the late Dr. Dennis F. Kinlaw.

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