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About The Author

Dr. Rob McKenna

Recently listed among the 30 most influential industrial-organizational psychologists alive today, Dr. McKenna is the author of “Dying to Lead,” CEO of Real Time Strategies, and creator of His work is ultimately aimed at preparing a generation of leaders who will step out and go first, and at the same time, will pay sacrificial attention to the needs of those for whom they are responsible. He has spent over two decades working with leaders in corporate, government, ministry, education and other contexts.

To seek the heart and the mind of Jesus Christ requires us to make sacrifices. Submitting ourselves to the purifying work of the Spirit is challenging at times, but it is the foundation upon which our character is shaped throughout our lives and each day in between. It’s tough for many of us to consider sacrifice when surrounded by personal and organizational pressure to succeed, but God’s sacrifice through the death of His Son provides a different model by which we can live our lives. Sacrifice is the unique quality that makes leadership “Christian.”

This book is designed to cultivate your character, an essential component of both Christian discipleship and leadership. You can use this material to make disciples both in your church and in your family. How is this possible? Again, biblical discipleship is dependent upon faithfully following Jesus, so that’s where I’ve put my emphasis and where I hope you put yours, also.


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