An Irrepressible Passion: Pointing People Heavenward


After an impelling call to service as a missionary at age 14, God led me through 5
continents, 5 languages and cultures, and many different branches of
ministries: from medical work to teaching Bible studies, to teaching Seminary
courses, to leadership positions with the denominational Women’s Ministries
Executive Committee, to serving as chaplain to the International Christian
Women’s Club in Brazil, to Home Bible Studies in the States, to serving on the
Executive Board of the Olive Branch Mission in Chicago, and many other
things.  The Lord saw me through a communist take-over in Mozambique, a
cholera epidemic and major medical responsibilities in Congo where there was no
doctor,  a visit to a refugee camp in Tanzania, and, in the middle of all
this, to a late marriage and the struggles that go along with a family trying
to blend. My story includes hair-raising frights, mind-boggling adventures and
both heart-ache and much laughter.

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