2019 Book of Discipline (E-Book)


This is the ebook edition of the 2019 Book of Discipline, you will receive an download emailed after purchase.
The Book of Discipline presents the history, theological roots, and contemporary global mission of the Free Methodist Church – USA. It is our ecclesiastical and organizational manual containing the common constitution of the global Free Methodist Church, and is a contemporary expression of how the FMCUSA organizes itself for effective ministry under the Holy Spirit.

It is published every four years following General Conference, which passes resolutions that are included in the Book of Discipline. The 2019 Discipline will continue to frame our organization until its next revision in 2023.

The Free Methodist Church’s Book of Discipline is an essential resource for Pastors, delegates, ministerial candidates and Conference Leaders.

Treat your PDF file as if it were a printed copy. Store it in a safe place on your computer.
Please do not distribute your PDF file to others beyond those for whom you have purchased print copies.

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