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Dr. Rick Callahan

Rick has served in local church ministry for the past 30 years in Missouri, Illinois, Texas and Indiana. He Studied at Evangel University (BA); Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (MA); and George Fox University (DMin). He and his wife Michelle live as empty nesters in Granger, IN. They have three grown children.


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Joanna Dewolf

Joanna DeWolf is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church residing in Lansing, Michigan. She’s been spending the last several months finding creative ways to encourage international teenagers, but also does some preaching, teaching, and leading retreats. She drags her husband (Matt) and children (Lincoln and Leina) outside often to marvel at the clouds and the setting sun.

She is most active on Facebook but can also be found at:




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Dr. David McDonald

Dr. David McDonald is the teaching pastor at Westwinds Community Church in Jackson, MI. The church, widely considered among the most innovative in America, has been featured on CNN.com and in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Time Magazine.

David is the editor of the FreeMo Journals and the first ever post-doctoral fellow in Christian ministry and theology. He has taught extensively overseas and across North America in both secular and religious institutions.

David weaves deep truth with sharp social analysis and cultural critique. He lives in Jackson with his wife, Carmel, and their two kids.

Follow him on twitter (@fossores) or online at Fossores.com


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Ben Redmond

Ben is the Executive Director of the Hub Teen Center, a non-profit community organization focused on the development of teenagers.

He has been a pastor for 20 years, and is an adjunct professor of ministry and communication at Spring Arbor University.

Ben has studied at Rockbridge Seminary (M.Div), and The University of Notre Dame (Master’s in Non Profit Leadership)

He lives in Jackson, MI with his wife and two children.


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Mark Van Valin

After graduation for Asbury Theological Seminary, Mark pastored urban churches in St. Louis (6 years) and Indianapolis (14 years) before coming to Spring Arbor in 2003. He has been married to Linda (Johnson) for 33 years and they have three children.


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John Voelz

John Voelz is an author, speaker, and the Pastor: Curator of Lakeside Church, Folsom CA. John’s creativity and penchant for doing church different has grabbed the attention of news and media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, Collide, Worship Leader Magazine, Relevant, TIME Magazine, FOX News, and A Current Affair. He’s published two books with Abingdon Press—Follow You Follow Me and his most recent, Quirky Leadership: Permission Granted.


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Larry Walkemeyer

Larry serves as Pastor of Light u0026amp; Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach, CA. He also serves as one of three Superintendents for Free Methodist Church in Southern California which is planting 50 churches in 5 years.

Larry is a Trustee of and holds a doctorate from Azusa Pacific University. He is the recipient of the Centennial Award as one of the most influential graduates in the University’s history.  He has authored five books on Christian living and church leadership.

Larry has been married to Dr. Deb Walkemeyer for 38 years, has two adult daughters and enjoys waterskiing, snow skiing, biking and long beach walks.


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Cheryl Wayman

Cheryl Wayman, M.A., LMFT, has integrated her Christian faith with her training and experience as a professional counselor for almost 30 years. She is a graduate of Greenville College in Illinois and earned her Master’s degree in Counseling at Azusa Pacic University in California. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist and practices in Santa Barbara where she founded and has directed Cliff Drive Christian Counseling Center since 1995. She also serves as Director of Counseling Ministries at the Free Methodist Church where her husband, Dr. Denny Wayman, DMin. in pastoral counseling, is completing his 40th year as senior pastor. Cheryl and Denny developed and continue to teach Peer and Pastoral Counseling classes and Healthy Church seminars at their church and across the country, which they have done for over 20 years. they have two married sons and daughters-in-law who have given them five grandchildren – they count these nine amazing people as their greatest blessings!


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Dr. Denny Wayman

Dr. Denny Wayman, DMin. in pastoral counseling, is completing his 40th year as senior pastor. Denny and Cheryl develop and continue to teach Peer and Pastoral Counseling classes and Healthy Church seminars at their church and across the country, which they have done for over 20 years. they have two married sons and daughters-in-lawwho have given them five grandchildren – they count these nine amazing people as their greatest blessings!


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Dr. Jeff Baxter

Jeff is a creative and passionate Bible teacher, FMC Ordained Elder, and Lead Pastor of River Church in Lakewood, CO. Being a life-long learner, leader, and author has led him to receive his advanced theological degrees from Columbia International University and Fuller Theological Seminary. He has extensively led and trained oversees, as well as at Christian Universities, camps, churches and conferences. He has written books with Zondervan Publishing such as, The Ultimate Guide to Being Christian in College and Together: Adults and Teenagers Transforming the Church. Jeff is married to beautiful Laurie and they have three awesome kids. You may often find Jeff in coffee shops seeking community, conversation, and study.

Stay up with Jeff here:

Facebook: drjeffmbaxter
Twitter: @drjeffmbaxter
Instagram: pastorjeffbaxter
Blog: SacredOutfitter.blogspot.com
Church: riverchurchmovement.org

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